The super-blends encapsulate the best of our vineyard, terroirs and family expertise.

They can rest for ages, sometimes even centuries, snuggled up in oak in the weaving aisles of our cellars, deliberately forgotten from generation to generation. They come to life once bottled, reaching their upmost maturity and are then found on the tables of those who, mad, powerful or passionate only seek the unique, the authentic, the best.


1945. In the immediate aftermath of World War II, and four years of occupation, father and son Jean and Jacques the 12th and 13th generations of Godets, find their cellars empty and their vineyards devastated. They have to resume distillation in order to replenish their stock of eaux-de-vie and propel their name into the 20th century.  Seventy years and two generations later, their goal is achieved.

This cognac Extra is bottled in a handcrafted decanter enhanced with rose gold. For this special cognac, Jean-Edouard Godet has used the very best batches dating back to this period of rebirth.
Connoisseurs will enjoy a deep eau-de-vie with a heady sensual bouquet, velvety aromas underlined by a spicy touch and sparks of dry flowers.