The super-blends encapsulate the best of our vineyard, terroirs and family expertise.

They can rest for ages, sometimes even centuries, snuggled up in oak in the weaving aisles of our cellars, deliberately forgotten from generation to generation. They come to life once bottled, reaching their upmost maturity and are then found on the tables of those who, mad, powerful or passionate only seek the unique, the authentic, the best.


X.O Terre is a rare blend, taking its inspiration from the 6 crus of Cognac and a model for the ageing process.

A brilliant expression of the terroir, masculine and exhilarating, it embodies the soul of our vineyards, and of our impressive blending savoir-faire. Its golden mahogany colour announces black pepper, cinnamon and spicy notes on the nose, with an athletic palate and remarkable lingering rancio finish.

1789. Gédéon-Louis Godet, of the 7th generation, is appointed Consul of Denmark due to the trade relations he has established with Northern Europe and the Hanseatic league.

Seven generations later, this official mission is still attributed to our family, making us, one of the oldest European Consulates in active service.