To fully understand cognac, one must distinguish between the singularity of Terroir, the characteristics of each grape varietal and the complexity of the blend.

For fifteen generations we have lived through the fruit, the terroir, the distillation process, the ageing and the blending. Now it is time to share our secrets and initiate you into our world


Discover the true terroir of Cognac & its complexity through this collection of 6 cognacs. Intended to tell more about cognac as a raw and pure agricultural spirit, The Single-Cru collection embodies cognac at its roots.

Bons Bois 15 years old - 70cl
Fins Bois 15 years old - 70cl
Borderies 22 years old - 70cl
Grande Champagne 22 years old - 70cl
Petite Champagne 22 years old - 70cl


Behind each cognac, there is first a flower then a bunch of grapes. As for wine, the grape variety will have a major impact on the taste of cognac.

Nowadays, Ugni Blanc accounts for 98% of the grape production in the Cognac AOC, our "Single Grape" cognacs come from the remaining 2%. Rare, forgotten and amazing grapes that miraculously survived the phylloxera disaster of 1875 and that give birth to unique and different cognacs.

For two generations, with the help of our loyal vintners, we have worked to replant Montils, Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes.

These original grapes, as refined as they are surprising, revealing the flavour of genuinely different cognacs.

For the first time, the connoisseur will experience cognac at an all different level

Single Grape - Folle Blanche - 70cl
Single Grape - Colombard - 70cl


Cognac is normally a product of blend where the master blender uses his talent & inspiration to compose the cognac he has in his mind.

For vintage cognac, the master blender does not compose the cognac but let the nature express itself fully. All he does is safeguard what he receives and nurture it until full maturity.

Vintage cognac are for connoisseurs and for discerning drinkers.

Bottled only on demand and limited release.