Roots of Cognac


Cognac is normally a product of blend where the master blender uses his talent & inspiration to compose the cognac he has in his mind.

For vintage cognac, the master blender does not compose the cognac but let the nature express itself fully. All he does is safeguard what he receives and nurture it until full maturity.

Vintage cognac are for connoisseurs and for discerning drinkers.

Bottled only on demand and limited release.

Vintage cognacs still maturing in barrels and dame Jeanne. Ranging from 1800 to today. Bottled only on demand and by hand.

From 1814 to the current day, Millesime or Vintages are the memory of our family history and adventures. They retell the story of our families, our stills, our wars and France.

In 1848, while the July Monarchy was surrendering in Paris, Augustin Godet was blending a cognac that we will savor tomorrow.
In 1922 and 1928, while Prohibition was raging in the United States, Jean Godet provided anyone who dared be an outlaw, with excellent cognacs from La Rochelle.
In other words, let us say that each sip of our Millesime is a sip of history and our heritage.

Our Millesime are unique cognacs. Drawn from 1 single harvest and 1 single vineyard, they capture the weather conditions of that very year and the unfolding of History. Barreled in the best French oak cask and patiently aged in our Atlantic side cellars in La Rochelle for decades. Each lot is unique and bottled on demand.

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