The unique marriage of Pear liquor with cognac. A century old receipe of a pear forgotten into a cognac barrel, fruity, sweet and versatile digestive.


Natural Pear extracts mixed with cognac Godet

Making : Unique blend of Pear liquor with old cognac giving birth to a drink balancing the sweetness of the liqueur and the character and strength of the cognac.

Tasting note : At first, a golden colour announcing a unique richness, then a surprisingly fresh nose, opening on fruit mingled with delicate elder flower fragrant and to finish, a well rounded , mouth-watering palate, expressing the fine and youthful pear aromas evolving toward a sharp, fresh and expressive finish, characteristic of cognac.

Service : Versatile enough to be drunk as an after dinner on its own poured on crushed ice/rocks. It’s also a perfect cocktail base.

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