Pure & classic XO cognac. Organically certified viticulture. This XO cognac showcases the fruit of the future.

Quality : XO Cognac
100% organic Fins Bois

History : In 1838 Augustin Godet, crafted Gastronome for the first time - an ultra dry cognac - ideally suited to aid digestion.

5 generations later, in 2016, in the age of climate change and environmental challenges, the 3 Godet brothers decided to make Gastronome a fully organic cognac.

Organic farming guarantees products free from chemical and artificial components It preserves our planet by reducing pollution for a better tomorrow.

Tasting Note : Grown on a small plot of land in the Fins bois, this cognac has been harvested and distilled in 2004. It is a single lot cognac delivering very unusual tasting experience. orange blossom, iris and violets on the nose.

A more mature mouth with walnut and dark cherry. A final elegant & smooth.

A cognac good in every sense.

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