Roots of Cognac


Discover the true terroir of Cognac & its complexity through this collection of 6 cognacs. Intended to tell more about cognac as a raw and pure agricultural spirit, The Single-Cru collection embodies cognac at its roots.

Grapes varieties :

100% Bois Ordinaire - 15 years old

100% Bon Bois - 15 years old

100% Fin Bois - 15 years old

100% Borderies - 22 years old 

100% Grande Champagne - 22 years old

100% Petite Champagne - 22 years old


100% Bons Bois
Bons Bois and Bois Ordinaires are located by the Atlantic Ocean on a sandy soil and give a rich Eau-de-vie with a sharper rustic taste.

Tasting note : Rond, masculine, caramel sweet, oak, umami. An autumn like cognac. Well-structured with dark spices. What everyone should drink once in their life.

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