In March 2008, Jean Jacques Godet embarked on a sailing trip to Antarctica accompanied by 10 crew members. They landed on the Antarctic continent 70° south of the equator. Never has such a small yacht succeeded in docking at such a level. A world record was broken. In honor of the accomplishment, the Godet house has created a unique Eaux de Vie inspired by the purity and beauty of Antarctica.

Cognac aged in 100 years old French oak cask & wine spirit. Tender and voluptuous, delicate, it is of a freezing originality

Quality : Oak aged Eau de Vie

Alcohol : 40% Vol.

Aging : Aged in our 100 years old oak casks. Without any tanin

Tasting note :Tender and voluptuous, delicate and elegant, it is of a freezing originality.

Lazy Dog recipe : 1 dose Antarctica, ½ dose Mexican lime juice, ¼ dose triple sec, 2 drops bitter, shake well & serve in a martini glass

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Tasting notes

Well-balanced with deliciously fruited and spice notes. Served chilled.

Floral, hints of caramel sweetness, chamomile, a hint of juniper, some dried apricot.

Good sweetness, dried fruits, a little chamomile again, sultana and orange blossom.

Full, spicy and juniper-rich.