«We have a rich history of honouring craft and taste since 1588.»



1588. Bonaventure Godet, Dutch merchant, establishes a salt and wine business in the harbour of La Rochelle. He is among the first one to distil his wines to reduce transportation costs. Henri IV give him the right to burn the wine – Brandjwine - 



1782. As the business grew, the production processes were refined and Godet Freres Cognac is officially registered by Gédéon Louis Godet.



21st century. Godet Freres Cognac is 100% family-owned, based in the harbour of La Rochelle and Under the stewardship of the 15th generation of Godet

La Rochelle, the cradle of Cognac

La Rochelle holds a unique position in the History of Cognac because this is the place where distillation technology (originating from the Arab culture) met with locally produced wine (The wine of Aunis). The naturally deep and well protected harbor of la Rochelle welcomed maverick & innovative traders such as the Dutch salt merchants. These particular factors gave birth to cognac’s first expression, known as “Dutch burnt wine”, which became “British brandy” in the 18th century and later the “French Cognac” of the 19th century.

Bonaventure Godet, a Dutch salt merchant settled in La Rochelle in the second 1⁄2 of the 16th century, and was among the first traders of ”Dutch burnt wine“ that would become so sought after for the centuries to come.

15 generations later, it is in this same location that the same family continues artful craft of transforming nature into culture. Enjoying a unique cellaring environment with the humid & salty air of the Atlantic Ocean, the Godet House nurtures its barrels with the ocean as the secret ingredient that gives birth to refined & singular cognacs

From father to son

Today in the hand of the 14th & 15th generation, the house is 100% family owned & managed company with the master blending operations still in the hand of the family member
Jean Edouard Godet.

Exported around the world across a network of 60 national distributors, the House of Godet aim to express Cognac multiple terroir and emotions through a portfolio of varied,
traditional & modern cognacs.

Limited production, long maturation, hand-made work, on demand bottling of tailor made cuvées are some of Godet deep beliefs.

Handmade & Rare Cognac

Our taste


Jean-Edouard Godet, the 15th generation cellar master, strive to balance the wood aromas with the fruit and flower of cognac during the ageing process.

Our cognacs aim to have a floral nose, fruity palate and a well-balanced length.

Our commitment


We craft cognac with a deep know how and great history. We are the only one to age our cognacs by the Atlantic Ocean which gives them a remarkable fullness and precision.

We believe in time and use it to build complexity in our cognacs.

Our philosophy


Cognac is more than VS classic / VSOP original / XO fine champaign. For that reason, we produce rare expressions of cognac exploring the fundamentals of cognac. Terroir with Single Cru collection, Grape with Single Grape collection, Time with Single Vintage collection, Moments with Modern collection.