VS, VSOP and XO are The Great Classics in the world of Cognac, fruity and floral notes are the signature of our eaux-de-vies. Slowly maturing in barrels, the masculine woody character blends with floral and sweet-berry aromas; sensual and ever so slightly elusive, this is the Godet style.

These three classic Cognacs are the direct descendants of the ‘brand-wijn’, exported by Bonaventure Godet on his trading vessel in the 16th Century.

From the youngest, the VS, to the oldest, the XO, they are the stages of a sensory journey.


After four years of maturing, a natural smoothness, with vanilla aromas and with notes of yellow-fruit flavours, begin to appear. These are the characteristics of a classic adolescent cognac.

In the 17th century, the Godet family began to drink their more mature cognacs out of a small traditional Dutch glass, one without a stem or a handle. They then began to use this glass to commercialise their cognac.

In time, drinking out of the Godet glass became a ritual, so much so that the expression to ‘boire un petit godet’ has been adopted in colloquial French to describe the act of sharing a cognac between friends.