VS, VSOP and XO are The Great Classics in the world of Cognac, fruity and floral notes are the signature of our eaux-de-vies. Slowly maturing in barrels, the masculine woody character blends with floral and sweet-berry aromas; sensual and ever so slightly elusive, this is the Godet style.

These three classic Cognacs are the direct descendants of the ‘brand-wijn’, exported by Bonaventure Godet on his trading vessel in the 16th Century.

From the youngest, the VS, to the oldest, the XO, they are the stages of a sensory journey.


 "Very Special" is the youngest cognac in our range. A blend of several crus, it is double distilled and aged in French oak casks.

Lively and fruity, it reveals pear and leather notes on the nose.

It is a direct descendant of La Rochelle ‘Brand-Wijn’ (Burnt-Wine), which was already shipped by Bonaventure Godet on his galleon in the 16th Century. This VS epitomises the inventive side of the first cognac distillers who literally burnt their wines to preserve its quality. They discovered that this eau-de-vie, once in oak barrel, greatly improved as time passed. These were the beginnings of the story of Cognac.


After four years of maturing, a natural smoothness, with vanilla aromas and with notes of yellow-fruit flavours, begin to appear. These are the characteristics of a classic adolescent cognac.

In the 17th century, the Godet family began to drink their more mature cognacs out of a small traditional Dutch glass, one without a stem or a handle. They then began to use this glass to commercialise their cognac.

In time, drinking out of the Godet glass became a ritual, so much so that the expression to ‘boire un petit godet’ has been adopted in colloquial French to describe the act of sharing a cognac between friends.


1783. Gédéon-Louis Godet, the seventh generation of Godets, is appointed Deputy-Commissioner of the Dutch Royal Navy. This assignment is due to his regular commercial voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, the Channel and the Baltic Sea. With his ancestor, Bonaventure, who sailed to France some 200 years earlier, he forged forever the family link to the sea.

This XO Fine Champagne, aged and blended on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at La Rochelle, expresses aromatic complexity and rich smoothness.
XO is a blend of the emblematic Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus. Thanks to their extraordinary ageing qualities, we have created a deep, floral and finely chiselled XO. It has a lingering, velvety assemblage of honey, prunes and fine leather.